Sunday, February 6, 2011

Plain Ole Vanilla Socks

I am on a finishing role people!  woo hoo....Another pair of socks are done - like dinner!   I knit the first sock pretty quickly and then put them away, for about 3 years!  What the hell?  Unlike alot of sock knitters that do not like knitting the 2nd sock, as I on the other hand really like knitting the 2nd sock. I think it is because I can go on auto pilot, knowing how many rows to knit before the heel and how many rows to knit to the toe decreases.  Not sure why, but I like knitting the 2nd sock alot!

I knit these socks using a pink/grey Austermann Step sock yarn that I bought, I think at the Maryland Wool and Sheep festival 3 to 4 years ago. I think. Doesn't matter, because now they are finished, pictures taken, uploaded to Ravelry and a blog post is done.




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