Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I miss blogging....

Hi!  As you can tell by the blog title, my name is Lisa and I knit. I would define myself as a knitter, not someone that just knits. Knitting is so much part of me as water is to the human body. Knitting calms me, makes me happy and I love creating.  I love seeing my loved ones wearing my hand knits. It warms me to know that my creations are keeping them warm and toasty.  I also love wearing things I've made, especially when I get to wear two or more hand knits at the same time.  It is my secret celebration every single time.

I've had other blogs that I enjoyed updating and am super excited to start a new one, in the New Year!  2010 wasn't a great year for me or my family and whew, am I ever glad it is over.  Although this year's celebration was at home (I have never stayed home for New Year's celebration!), it was awesome.  This year I spent the night with my husband and my two kids on the couch watching Grown Ups.  My youngest had a rather big accident that required surgery on her finger a few days earlier, so it didn't feel right leaving her.

Over the last few months I've been knitting but have not had the time to taking pictures of the things I've finished.  This year I am going to take more pictures, and not just of my knititng. Of my kids, because they grow so fast and I want to remember as much as I possibly can of their childhood.  I will also try to update this blog with pictures to document my 2011.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, and my memory is quite poor, so this resolution will help me greatly.

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