Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hineri Hat

Totally love this hat!!!!!  Pattern is called Hineri and is a free pattern found HERE. I used one of my most favourite bulky yarns  - Rowan Cocoon in the Slate colourway.  I used one ball and about 4 rounds of yarn from the 2nd ball...The pattern states you need one ball, but for me, I needed the 2nd for just a titch of yarn.  I used size 6mm circular needles and knit it in about two days.

My forearms were killing me after knitting this hat - I think the speed and thickness of the needles contributed to the pain. I wanted to wear the hat ASAP and my hands and arms always hurt after knitting with larger needles. 

1 comment:

  1. ooooh...I want that hat!!! It looks great Lisa. I think I may need to make it...I even have a ball of the same colour cocoon but if you used two balls I probably would need 2 as well...you know, because I have such a huge head that holds my huge brain haha!